Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTHE BELLES OF THE BRAWL – 18 mins

We fade in on the lovely Annabelle Genovisi as she sneaks into the SKW mat room and drugs Jessie Belle’s drink, moments before their match. We fade in on the two lovely ladies before the start of their battle, with Jessie taking big gulps of her tainted water. The match begins, and Jessie takes a VERY early lead dominating the inexperienced Annabelle with a barrage of brutal tactics. At this point Jessie starts to feel the effects of the drugs, but chalks it up to fatigue. She nails a brutal TOMBSTONE piledriver on Annabelle, followed by her Southern Discomfort finisher into a modified Gory Bomb KO. Jessie goes for the cover but it’s too late. The drug has taken its toll and we see Jessie’s eyes roll into the back of her head as she passes out on top of her opponent. We watch as Annabelle slowly comes to, muttering “FINALLY” as she pushes Jessie Belle off of her. A devious smile crosses Annabelle’s face as she proceeds to teach Jessie Belle an important lesson: “NEVER leave your drink alone on the SKW mats!” Jessie Belle is helpless from the point, she doesn’t even know what’s going on. Annabelle takes total advantage of this, easily destroying Jessie and winning the match.

This is what a consider a win win video, as we get to see Jessie Belle being the trash talking badass that we all love and Annabelle being awesome jobber. Then, the fun really starts as the drugs start to kick and Jessie gets slowly weaker and weaker. I love how the drugs slowly takes Jessie down and how hard she tries to fight it and shake it off, only to pass out just before being able to finishing off Annabelle. Then the video fades out as we wait for Annabelle to wake up, because Jessie didn’t take it easy on her. Once Annabelle has cleared her head, she starts to work on Jessie and its clear Jessie doesn’t have a clue where she is. Jessie sells being drugged so well that she definitely stole the show and makes the vid really awesome and special. Even though Annabelle sold her part really well, with Jessie’s top notch selling and with Annabelle’s impressive finishers and great trash talking, it makes the second half of this video quite the sight to be seen. Overall, this one delivers two great trash talking heels and two amazing jobbers, but drugged Jessie Belle and ass kicking Annabelle is definitely the way to go.

Overall score: 9.5/10