Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTHE BEDROOM JOBBER – 15 mins

We fade in on the lovely Anne-Marie pacing back and forth excitedly, decked out in pro gear, waiting for the pro star she’s hired for a private session.  In walks the lovely Jessie Belle, who smirks as Anne tells her that she’s always wanted to be the jobber in a pro match, mostly because she knows it’s all “fake” and she won’t actually get hurt. Jessie’s eyes narrow as she suddenly nails Anne-Marie with a brutal forearm smash to the face, knocking her out instantly! What follows is a lesson taught by a pro and unleashed on an unsuspecting jobber girl who gets exactly what she asked for. Jessie tears Anne-Marie apart, destroying her in her own bedroom and ending it all with an OUTDOOR PILEDRIVER on the concrete! After the pin, we get a bit of a twist as Anne-Marie’s eyes open and she mutters “that’s what I’ve…always…wanted”…right before passing out!

I’ve called Anne Marie my favorite/best jobber time and time again and this is just another shining example of why I’m right. Anne messed up big time when she told Jessie she thought wrestling was fake. Jessie, who’s dressed in an outfit that you’d probably never expect anyone to fight in, but still looking outstanding, takes all her anger out on Anne, explaining all the time and effort it takes to become a pro. Jessie uses tons of power moves that leave Anne out cold, twitching again and again, and even made her drool once. Jessie is also very funny and entertaining, talking nonstop the whole time, which was fantastic. Jessie drags Anne outside for the final nail in coffin, which is a massive tombstone piledriver on the concrete, and then Jessie does her best Undertaker impression for the final pin. Overall, Anne once again reminds us why she’s the best jobber in the business, giving us another outstanding performance and Jessie is incredibly entertaining, witty, sexy and merciless. A special combo you just can’t find, to such extremes, anywhere else. Jessie and Anne have just kicked off a possible new series that I worry can’t get any better than this.

Overall Score: 9.9/10