Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTHE BARREL AND THE BLADE 5 – 15 MIns

anneBased on a very cool custom script, this clip places YOU in a first person POV “shooter” game, one where each round and level increases in difficulty as you struggle to take out a ton of bikini-clad attackers, all played by the incredibly talented Anne-Marie! Anne comes at you from all sides, sometimes injuring you as you manage to take her down with your trusty tranq gun! No one takes a bump quite like Anne, and watching her fly across the room after you finish her off is stunning, to say the least! Her weapons and skills advance as you make your way through over THIRTY different bad girls, leading to a finale that features THREE Anne-Marie clones on screen at the same time, an SKW FX first, in a bonus AND final round! This is yet another example of why Anne-Marie is one of SKW’s best and brightest, and a testament to how much fun our customers’ scripts are to film.

This is a simple vid to review, because we all already know just how amazing Anne Marie is at tossing herself all over the place and that’s all this vid is, so I don’t really need to say anything more about that. It’s so much fun to watch as Anne does a war cry, running at you with every intent to take you out, only to great blow away, in an over dramatic style that only Anne can do, landing in lots of spread eagle poses and well as some other fun and creative positions. SK comments he way through the levels of Anne Marie clones in an over dramatic and often comical way. The last two scenes are absolutely the best of the vid, one scene has 3 Anne clones gunned down, leaving them all laid out on the mats together, which is just amazing editing, and the last scene has Anne clones coming at SK at every turn, which is and editing trick we’ve seen before, but is still incredible. Overall, if you love watching Anne Marie’s over dramatic style of getting gunned down, are a fan of the perfect dead drops and think she looks outstanding in a bikini, than you are going to love this video, like I did.

Overall Score: 9.5/10