Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTHE BARREL AND THE BLADE 4 – 19 mins

In this unique style of customs, we see the amazing Anne Marie playing a VR sentry that goes through multiple POV attacks with a focus on using swords and guns. This one is customs made for over dramatic selling and Anne changes her outfit 4 times before this on concludes.

I said this one is custom made for over dramatic selling, well, Anne is custom made for this kind of video. I’ve always praised Anne for her awesome selling skills and this one just slams my point home. This one has lots of great dead drops, Anne flopping around from being riddled by gunshots and some twitching. I love the outfit changes, with the jeans/half top, bikini and shiny one piece ranking at the top. Also lots of great KO positions, mainly spread eagle, which is a favor for me. Overall, this a great over dramatic sentry vid, with my favorite jobber, flexing her selling skills.

Overall score: 9/10


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