Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTHE BALLAD OF SUZY and JACQUELYN – 33 mins

CLIP ONE: This is your nightmare (length: 16 min)

We fade in on Suzy coming in to her room from a nearby bar, where a lady (Jacquelyn Velvets) kept trying to buy her drinks while convincing her to wrestle her for SKW. She talks to her friend on the phone as she gets ready for bed, telling her how weirded out she was by the whole proposition. Suzy hangs up and shrugs of the event, falling asleep peacefully in her bed. And then the nightmare beings, literally. Suzy dreams about getting repeatedly beat up and KO’d by this mysterious lady, until a final ascent into reality leaves her wondering if it’s all ACTUALY been a dream!

CLIP TWO:  Suzy the Sentry (length: 17 min)

Agent Velvets has been ordered to take out a house full of clones (all played by Suzy) a task she gleefully accepts. One by one, the clones fall at Miss Velvets’ feet, until a final self-KO leaves TWO lovely ladies out cold as we all fade to black.

I’ve known of Suzy for a long time, but I think this is the first time she’s worked for SKW, and it’s about time, because she’s awesome. I’ll start with my favorite of the two, although Suzy and Jackie are really great in both vids. The nightmare vid is the better of the two, in my opinion. I love Suzy in the pink bikini and Jackie just taunting her and KOing her over and over. We get a pin after each KO, which is probably the difference maker for me. It’s a really as simple vid, but with sexy Suzy’s great selling and Jackie being a witty, evil heel, makes it really fun to watch. The ending where Jackie scares the crap out Suzy, is a funny cherry on top of this vid.

The sentry vid feels like Velvets Fantasies and SKW had a baby. It might be because it stars Jacquelyn Velvets running around a house, dispatching sentries at will, but either way its pretty great. Instead of using just neck snaps and chloroform, we get all the great toys and tactics that the SKW sentry vids commonly see. Jackie and Suzy, once again play extremely well off each other, making this fun and seamless. I like Suzy in the cap outfit and Jackie in her assassin get up as well. This vid’s cherry on top is the double KO at the end as Jackie takes herself out in order to get out of the VR program.

Overall, both videos are really good, I like that you can tell Suzy and Jackie are friend, because the play so well off of each other, Suzy sells awesome in both vids and it’s really good to finally see Suzy in SKW.

Overall Score: 8.5/10