Review of Sleeperkid’s World THE BALLAD OF ROCK-C and TRINA MICHAELS: part two – 18 Mins

ROCK CTRINA MICHAELS is BACK… and this time she uses stealth to surprise and take down her tormentor from part ONE of this series, the lovely Rock-C! This one’s a complete beatdown, folks, with the rookie teaching a pro a lesson for a change! Rock-C takes one heck of a beating from the beautiful Trina, who mops the mats with her until a final KO ends it for the pro!

It’s round two and Trina is back for revenge, and she gets it, all of it. Trina makes sure that she get Rock-C back for everything she did to her in part one, as well as a few added things just to rub it in. As I said in part one, Rock-C was going to give us a good show jobbing in this one and that’s exactly what happens. Rock-C is awesome, selling her destruction to perfection, like I knew she would. I honestly hope there’s a part three and Rock-C gets destroyed again, because Trina fits the heel role pretty solidly too. As always, the boots and kneepads are a plus for me and the one pieces are always welcome. It’s a brutal beatdown, with a good length and plenty of great moves and KOs along the way.

Overall Score: 9/10


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