Review of Test of Rookie Toughness

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsTest of Rookie Toughness – 16.5 Mins

MaryjaneTommie and Maryjane are two up and coming wrestlers at FWR. Both are eager to rise to the top of the rankings, so therefore this is a true test of toughness to see which wrestler has more stamina and a higher pain threshold, which is needed to face the best wrestlers at FWR. The bikini clad cuties apply prearranged wrestling holds to each other for one minute and try to get their opponent to submit. If there is no submission then they move on to the next hold. The holds are a body scissors, abdominal stretch, torture rack, back to back neck stretch, and a figure four leglock. This one nearly goes the distance as each beauty manages to endure the pain. But in the end it’s Maryjane who simply can’t take the pressure of Kat’s tight figure four leglock! If you love nice trash talking, dramatic refusal to submit, and lots of agony then you’ll LOVE this video!

As Rick said, this one is all about testing the other girl’s toughness, watching them struggle and refuse to submit, which all is done fairly well. I really like the struggling here and how hard the girls try to not give up, also the trash talking isn’t too bad. I was happy that Maryjane was the one who finally gave in at the end. I’m really liking her already and of course, the more I like you, the more I want to see you lose. Overall it’s a simple vid that delivers on what it was aiming for, showing off two beautiful, fit bodies, struggling through tough submission holds and the final hard earned tap out. So if any of those peak your interest, then you won’t be disappointed with this one.

Overall Score: 8/10