Review of Ten Rounds of Domination

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Ten Rounds of Domination – 28 Mins

10 roundLeAnn and Maryjane have been competing in a sports contest and the final contest is a ten round bikini submission wrestling match where the loser of each round must write the score on a nearby marker board. Each round counts as a point, so LeAnn is confident that she’ll take the win against Maryjane. Although LeAnn starts out looking strong, Maryjane uses her speed and agility to get her opponent in a bearhug followed by a double hammerlock that has LeAnn begging for release! What follows is round after round of poor LeAnn submitting from boston crabs, more hammerlocks, a full nelson/body scissors combo, a camel clutch, a leglock/surfboard combo, and many more expertly applied holds! Maryjane even allows an increasingly tired LeAnn to apply a hold on her (a reverse head scissors) that Maryjane simply reverses into her own knockout scissors on LeAnn. After each humiliating submission and knockout LeAnn is forced to crawl to the marker board and write down her defeat! The end finally comes when the small cutie simply holds LeAnn down in a high schoolgirl pin as LeAnn is forced to admit her total defeat!

LeAnn is definitely become one of the bigger jobbers at FWR, its getting hard to remember when was the last time she won a match, it’s a little funny, because she’s no small fry, but she keeps losing to her smaller opponents. This time, it’s the still fairly new Maryjane who gets to bring the pain and she does it in great fashion. Maryjane is in total control, doing whatever she wants to LeAnn, mixing up the action with a bunch of different holds, even letting LeAnn start in control just to reverse her later and a few holds which KO the exhausted jobber girl. I love the added humiliation of LeAnn having to mark down Maryjane’s wins and even better when Maryjane has to wake her up to do or just takes her limp arm and marks it for her, I definitely love that. Another good humiliation part was in near the end Maryjane grabs the camera from rick so that we can get a good close up of LeAnn struggling. I got no problems with LeAnn losing, because she’s a great jobber, but Maryjane is still new I definitely still want to see her lose more, because I like what I’ve seen from her so far.

Overall Score: 8.5/10