Review of Tara Takes the Belt

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsTara Takes the Belt – 14 mins

This custom match pits Antoinette, the champion, against Tara, a cool and collected muscular female challenger. Right from the start, Antoinette is shocked by Tara’s brute strength as she finds herself in the corner getting her belly worked over. The reigning champion tries to rally back with a head lock only to get elbow smashed in the belly then flipped to the mat a few times. Tara then puts the lovely Latina through a myriad of holds, making sure to work over each part of the body. A figure four leglock destroys Antoinette’s legs, a boston crab and camel clutch stretches her back, arm bars work over the arms, and a tight head scissors squeezes her neck. Antoinette still tries to fight back, but knows that she’s no match for Tara. A DDT and a final sleeper put Antoinette down for the count as Tara takes the belt, leaving the humiliated beauty defeated on the mats.

If you guys could have read this script before ever seeing this video, you probably would think that this is a custom for Becca. It just seems like one of those situations we often find Becca in. You know, the overconfident champ who gets destroyed by a powerful challenger. Well, it’s actually Antoinette who’s playing this role, FWR’s arguably most dominate wrestler. Let me be the first to tell you, Antoinette kills it. I think I’ve only seen Antoinette lose to SK once or twice and that’s about it, but she did an outstanding job selling her demise to Tara. I love how Tara stops all attempts at Antoinette fighting back and works on each part of Antoinette with Antoinette totally helpless to stop her. Antoinette, helpless, how often do you get to hear that? Overall, I’m actually surprised on how much I enjoyed this one and how much I’m looking forward to see it again. Definitely worth checking out to see just how helpless Antoinette is.

Overall Score: 9/10