Review of Taking Avery Out

Review of Velvets FantasiesTaking Avery Out – 18 mins

Our story begins with the buxom redhead, Jessie Belle, patiently awaiting the arrival of her friend Avery, who thought they were going to be having a girls night out. Jessie has other plans for her friend tonight. A little bit of revenge that involves the petite Avery having a night out of her own, knocked out that is. When Jessie goes to get a pre-game drink for Avery, we see exactly what sort of sleepy revenge she has in store for the evening, a drugged drink, chloroform, and sleepy sprays to keep the party going. In between each KO, Jessie has fun with Avery by carrying and rag dolling her limp form with ease. With all the fun she’s having, who needs to go out to a noisy club with overpriced drinks, and random annoying men flirt with you? Apparently, Avery still does, as she wakes up in protest multiple times and groggily pleads with Jessie to let her go. After she’s done toying with her prey, Jessie decides that if Avery really wants to go out to the club tonight, she will, but only under Jessie’s terms, knocked out and carried in over her shoulder.

Jessie Belle is quickly becoming one of my favorites performers, for any role, not only is she a great jobber, but when she’s a heel, she’s quick witted, funny and strong. She can toss little Avery around effortlessly, while making up a story about Avery dancing with her old boyfriend. I love it, she’s amazing and really helps make these vids so much better. Avery, who has impressed me from pretty much day one continues to do her thing. She’s so great for this kind of role. She’s light and sexy and sells so good. This one has lots of limp play, but unfortunately the only thing that comes off of Avery is her shoes, would have loved to see the dress come off. There’s plenty of KOs though as Avery wakes up regularly and tries to fight Jessie off, only to put back out with a different tactic that Jessie applies with great Joy. Overall, this is a awesome vid, Jessie Belle is entertaining as hell while she makes ups stories and tosses Avery’s limp body around. Avery is perfect with great reactions as she keeps waking up and feebly tries to get away. I do wish there was some bra and panties action, but that doesn’t really put a damper on this great vid.

Overall Score: 9/10