Review of Tag Team Chaos

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Tag Team Chaos – 12 Mins

TAGWow! Four beauties square off in the FWR ring for a tag team battle! The team of LeAnn and Jaylin face the team of Sasha and Maryjane in a three round melee, filled with screams of encouragement and a little illegal action! There’s plenty of wrestling action in this fast paced match as the girls tag in and out, put painful holds on each other, and gain excellent pinfalls! Poor Maryjane loses the first round to a matchbook pin from LeAnn, lovely Jaylin loses the second round after being knocked out in a sleeper hold then leg hook pinned by Sasha, and the third round nears an end with a FOUR GIRL HEAD SCISSOR CIRCLE! Only one tag team manages to secure the victory though, but you’ll LOVE this hot match! And we KNOW you enjoy watching our newest fem, Jaylin, in wrestling action for the very first time!

You know, sometimes nothing hits the spot like some great tag team action. This one covers all the bases that make tag team matches so much fun and best of all is this one has multiple falls, which only adds to the fun back and forth action. There’s a couple of KOs, some really sexy pins and nice FWR style ending. The sexy prostyle outfits are also a huge plus for me, as everyone has boots and kneepads on. The ending is in true FWR fashion, as the four girl head scissors… square… leads to two separate headscissors with both Maryjane and Sasha locked in tight. If I was to have my pick, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Once the girls go out, we get twin pins and victory poses to bring this match full of madness to close.

Overall Score: 9/10