Review of Tag Team Break Up

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsTag Team Break Up – 20.5 Mins

BeccaWe fade in to a match already in progress, with Madison putting the finishing touches on Becca’s tag team partner, Allie Parker. Madison gets the 3 count, takes her victory pose, and heads out while Becca and Allie begin to argue about their losing streak as a team. Becca feels like Allie’s been letting down the team, while Allie feels like Becca hasn’t been pulling her weight. This argument leads to an impromptu wrestling match and fist fight to see who the better wrestler really is! Allie starts off in control, but soon loses control of the contest to Becca. The dueling duo knows each other’s moves and styles so well that every time one of them get close to finishing the other, they get countered and the battle continues! The argument and the battle wage back and forth until finally one member of the team decides to play dirty, delivering a series of vicious low blows that finally forces the other to submit and admit to being inferior member of the tag team! This is a hard fought and competitive pro style match between two beautiful female wrestlers who know their pro wrestling moves! The action is fast and furious with both girls taking the advantage throughout the match. If you want to know who comes out on top, purchase the video, or pay close attention to the pictures below.

This is a really fun vid, where the winner doesn’t really matter, because these are two awesome girls and the really do a great job putting on a show in this one. I like that this one is so back and forth, because if they were really a tag team, they would really know each other moves very well. So, that just makes good sense for the story. It’s also great pro actions, a lot a moves get used in this one as well as good counter moves and reversals and it’s all done at a good pace. No hanging around waiting of the next move. For some reason I keep laugh at how quickly and quietly Madison got out of there, I know this vid isn’t about her, but I guess I was just hoping maybe she’d come back and help them settle the score or something. Also, I love the outfits, matching of course, because they are, or were a team, but they both look awesome in them. And finally, no, I’m not going to tell you who won either (spoilers in pics and GIF), because honestly in this case, it doesn’t make or break this vid, both Allie and Becca or great at winning and losing. So just pull for your favorite and see what happens.

Overall Score: 9/10