Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTAELER HENDRIX: SMOTHER and COVERED – 21 Mins

TaelerDuring what was supposed to be a friendly promo, SK accidentally insults the lovely Taeler Hendrix… leading to a sudden headbutt that floors him! Taeler attacks with a headbutt to the groin, followed by a wall choke and an attempt at a suplex… one that an angered SK cuts off with a series of body blows that weaken Taeler. He delivers a low blow of his own and proceeds to destroy the seasoned pro with move after move. This is a multi-fall match, with Taeler getting very some brutal offense in each time a new round begins… and SK suddenly taking over with smother-based KO after KO, until a final attack leaves a completely unconscious Taeler sleeping it off on the mats!

These kind of videos are a love/hate for me and that’s only because it’s mixed action. If the was FvF I wouldn’t mind Taeler fighting back at the beginning of every round, because Taeler is awesome, both winning and losing, she’s a top notch act and incredibly entertaining, but since it’s versus SK, I’d really rather have it completely one-sided. But that’s it for the hate section, on to the part I love about this, which is easily the greater majority of the vid and that is Taeler getting KO’d and ragdolled. I love everything about how Taeler sells, not only in this vid, but in all the vids she’s done at SKW. She super intense and frantic and I love those big beautiful eyes that she can roll back to fill whites. Those awesome eyes are on great display in this one as we get great close ups of her eyes panicking, rolling back and eventually closing as SK smoothers her into unconsciousness. Then SK ragdolls her around, whether just trying to get out from under the dead weight of her unconsciousness body, which I find oddly hilarious or just rolling her around the mats and checking her limps, the ragdolling in this is great. So, minus the few moments that Taeler is beating up SK, which again Taeler is really intense and very good at, this video is awesome. Even if you are like me and watching SK get beat up isn’t your thing, the instant revenge and outstanding performance by Taeler is definitely worth checking out. I really hope Taeler comes back to SKW, winning or losing, she’s a hell of a talent and I hope she visits again soon.

Overall Score: 9/10