Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTAELER HENDRIX meets THE KID – 17 mins

SK is introduces us to Taeler Hendrix, making her SKW debut. Taeler start bragging about how much of an impact her visit is going to have on SK’s “cute little website.” After making several claims that her presence will put SKW “on the map”, an irritated SK finally starts the match. Taeler starts out in control with a headlock, but SK quickly escapes and nails a low blow that brings Taeler to her knees. From here SK’s in the driver seat and delivers a similar style beatdown to the one Jessie Belle got not long ago. Even making Taeler beg to get KO’d before leaving her completely out, drooling on the mats.

This is the 2nd vid of its kind and I am really loving it. These over the top, ragdolling, drooling, squash matches have been epic and this one, of course, follows suit. Taeler is awesome in every way. The way she sells this is great. She’s more frantic that Jessie, even seeming a little hard to control at times. She make these super expressive reactions, really taking advantage of that big mouth of her’s, that got her in this trouble in the 1st place. SK, of course really brings it, handing out at least 3 piledrivers, as well as plenty other powerful moves. I have to mention Taeler’s attire, because a large portion of the middle is missing and it really shows of her legs. Both are definitely huge positive points for me. Overall, this is a great SKW debut video for Taeler, that really has me looking forward to seeing the rest of her visit. Maybe Taeler and Jessie can team up and try to extract revenge from SK? HAHAHA!!

Overall Score: 9.5/10