Review of Sweet Chin Music

Review of Sweet Chin Music – 19 min

Just like this title suggests, this one has plenty of sweet chin music. There are 3 scenes here where Kayla’s boyfriend knocks her lights out with a punch to the jaw, than he plays with her feet while she’s out. The 1st scene he walks in, demands Kayla to takes of her shoes, than punches her out. He plays with her body a bit before landing another good punch than plays with her feet. In the next one, Kayla is on the couch, he walks in and orders her to take off her shoes. Than he play with her feet, than punches her out. She wakes up too soon, but another left hook puts her back out. He turns her over and shows off her feet some more. Last scene, Kayla is in the shower, he has her turn the water off than get in with her. He punches her and her face mashes into the glass than she slides to the floor. He picks her up a number of times, presses her limp, naked body against the glass and lets her slide down again. Finally after that, he carries her, fireman style to the bed, lays her on it and covers her up.

This is my idea for the perfect foot fetish and limp play combo video. I love that all the KO are caused by a punch to the face. They all look really great and Kayla reacts perfectly. Each scene has a good amount of limp play and tons for great foot shoots. None of you should be surprised that my favorite scene was the shower scene. Not only we get a fully nude and soaked Kayla, but she is out cold pretty much the whole time and I love the mushing her body against the glass thing. That was really sexy and fun to watch. Once again, Kayla takes a simple idea and makes it awesome!

Overall Score: 9/10