Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSUPERS vs THE VAMPIRESS – 24 mins

The screen is black as we eavesdrop on a conversation between two powerful superheroines, Niki Lee Young and Arielle Lane, discussing the evil Vampiress, Jacquelyn Velvets, who’s been masquerading as a model photographer in order to lure attractive young girls to their demise.   The two decide to wear civilian disguises in order to infiltrate the Vampiress’ home, which they do successfully. The smiling vampire invites them into her workout room for some test photos, but as the flash goes off we see the heroines’ eyes start to glaze over. The Vampiress’ enchanted camera starts to hypnotize the two, and soon enough both ladies are completely under her control. She instructs them to change into their real selves and they do, revealing Super-Nikki and Wonder-Arielle, both still trapped in the vampire’s spell! The Vampiress is delighted at their visit and decides to play with her food before devouring it. She releases them from her spell, while stripping their powers and challenges them to a battle, just for fun. The supers go for a punch, but she catches their fists, forcing them to the ground. A sudden double uppercut knocks both ladies out cold, and the Vampiress happily continues her attack! The supers are then commanded to do battle against each other while the Vampiress watches, delighting in every move, counter, and KO! Niki destroys Arielle’s belly and traps her in a bearhug, knocking her out easily. She wakes her up and puts her out with a sleeper hold, but a sudden reversal from Wonder-Arielle leads to some ground punches to Niki’s jaw and a brutal neck scissors KO. The Vampiress congratulates Arielle on her win, only to trap the brunette in her own knock out neckscissors. Feeling overconfident, Velvets commands the superheroines to give her their best shot. Desperate, Arielle and Nikki combine their remaining strength into a single punch that surprises and stuns the vampire! Eyes rolling, Velvets stumbles back into the wall and slumps to the ground, unconscious. The supers check her to make sure and then decide to escape in order to regain their strength. A sudden “freeze” command fills the room as the vampire smiles. She’d only been toying with the two, filling them with confidence before her final attack. She forces the two to kneel and proceeds to drain each girl to the point of unconsciousness, sucking the blood from their necks (no blood shown). Both ladies succumb as the Vampiress feeds, leading to a final escape as Jacquelyn disappears from the room, leaving the bodies of her defeated foes on the ground!

You just got to love a good superheroine video, with a great story and that’s exactly what we get here. The story here, as I said, is great and the action fits the story perfectly. I love all the outfits, including Jackie’s all black get up. I love that the superheroine started out with high heel boots on, even though they get removed pretty early. Jackie has a ton of fun with the hypnotized heroines. It’s great to watch as Jackie has the heroines battle each other. We gets some really good, really well sold KOs from this girls, as both of the would be do-gooders get a few KOs on each other. Jackie trolls them some more by letting them think they got the best of her, only to stop them inches from the door and finishing them off. Overall, the set up and overall story is prefect, I love all the costumes and Jackie’s contacts are a great addition, Jackie, as always is the perfect villain and Niki and Arielle did a great job being the helpless heroines.

Overall Score: 9/10