Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSUPERHEROINE vs PROS – 20 mins

We fade in on Hellena Heavenly and Taeler Hendrix complaining that no one at SKW poses a challenge to them.  So they issue an open challenge to any one 5 to 7 galaxies away. We suddenly hear what sounds like a jet rushing past the room, and SUPER-SERENA appears behind them.  The ladies turn, convinced that this “cos-player” just made the worst mistake of her life. They attack with a double punch, and Serena instantly grabs both fists and squeezes.  We hear bones crunching as both Taeler and Hellena fall to their knees screaming in pain, and are immediately regretting their decision. What follows is an amazing 1 vs 2 squash with our heroine having fun as she easy destroys the two formerly cocky pro wrestlers.

You know 9 times out of 10, I love it when the over confident superheroine gets taken out by someone she under estimated. But this is that 1 other time, when the superheroine comes in. all confident and uses her power to easily destroy those that stand in her way. This time it’s Taeler Hendrix and Hellena Heavenly are who stand in the way of Super-Serena. Serena uses a bunch of her great powers, which are all really well done, to destroy the pro team. I love 1 on 2 destruction, it’s probably my favorite, non-specialty, thing to see. Taeler has the stand out performance in this one, for me. She sells more over the top then Hellena and her big eyes help her make great reactions to the heroine’s power. Also this is Serena’s first PPV vid since her break, so it really great to see her back. Overall, although I love seeing a heroine defeated, it is great to see the cool camera and editing tricks and great selling that make the heroines super and this one does it really really well.

Overall Score: 9/10