Review of Super Model Match

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsSuper Model Match – 17.5 mins

This amazing match begins with Becca and Peyton standing in the middle of the ring wearing robes. The announcer states that this is a special “supermodel photo shoot match.” The winner of a five count pin fall will receive a photo shoot in the ring right after the match. Becca says, “I can’t lose just look at this body” as she disrobes. Peyton disrobes next while saying Becca’s body is “the body of a jobber.” Becca clearly upset, doesn’t wait for the bell to ring and punches Peyton in the stomach then nails her with a DDT. Peyton gets pulled up by her hair and Becca throws her in the corner, punching her, saying she’ll pay for calling her a jobber. Becca then tosses her rival to the opposite corner and goes for a body splash, but Peyton dodges it and gives Becca a stunner that knocks Becca out. Peyton wakes the blond up with a cobra clutch, then follows with a sleeper and Becca slips into unconsciousness a second time. Not satisfied, Peyton wakes Becca up and goes for a piledriver, but doesn’t have the strength to lift Becca and finds herself flipped over the blond’s body. Both girls recover and start exchanging punches. Becca gets the upper hand and grabs Peyton in a bearhug that knocks the girl out. Becca then wakes Peyton with a punch to the belly and wraps her head in a scissors, squeezing until she gets knocked out again. Becca picks up the unconscious girl by her hair and says “it’s time for my photoshoot.” She then nails Peyton with a final tombstone piledriver and does a long humiliating 5 count. Having won the super model match, Becca then enjoys posing with the knocked out Peyton while the cameraman snaps photos. You’ll enjoy a LONG segment (5 minutes) of Becca posing in very creative and beautiful poses while an unconscious Peyton is placed in various sexy positions!

I love this Idea, we start with a great match, with two of my favorites in FWR and end with about 5 mins of victory poses over the totally KO’d Payton. First let’s start with the match, Peyton and Becca battle back and forth, and both girls getting a few KOs before Becca bring everything to a crushing end for Peyton. Peyton twitches a little after the piledriver, than she’s out for good. I love both of these girls and they give us another great match here. Once Peyton is out, Becca starts posing with the completely out cold Peyton, even propping her up and tying her in the ropes for more fun poses. I love long victory pose sessions and this was the ultimate one, lots of great poses, and ragdolling Peyton into different positions, amazing. Overall, I love everything about this one, from the outfits, to all the KOs and all the posing at the end. It all was really great and again I just end up loving these girls even more.

Overall Score: 9.5/10