Review of Super LeAnn vs Spider Becca

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsSuper LeAnn vs Spider Becca – 19.5 mins

Have no fear!! Super LeAnn is here to protect our city and defeat the evil Spider Becca! Spider Becca flies through the curtains, the recipient of a powerful punch delivered by the super powered LeAnn, and continues to be punched and kicked into near oblivion. She has no super powers like LeAnn … at least for now. After a sound thrashing with her fists and boots Super LeAnn grabs Spider Becca in a tight headlock. But suddenly, Spider Becca places a claw hold on LeAnn’s bare thigh causing LeAnn to become weak enough for Becca to escape and fall to the couch to catch her breath. Super LeAnn mounts her and begins to choke her, but Spider Becca once again attaches her claw hold to the good girl’s forearm, bringing more weakness to the bikini clad super woman. The two beauties exchange punches as Spider Becca appears to be getting more and more powerful! Then the blond evil doer catches one of LeAnn’s punches and claws her fist, gaining more strength! Before you know it, Spider Becca has thrown Super LeAnn into the ring where they battle briefly before Spider Becca can apply another claw hold and finally explains to a groggy Super Leann that her special powers are that she can suck the powers out of her rivals and has nearly drained the sexy brunette of ALL her powers! A super strong Spider Becca then easily lifts a weak Super LeAnn onto her shoulders for a fireman’s carry and torture rack, then totally destroys the red, white, and blue clad good girl with more wrestling holds, punches, and kicks to finally knock her out with a choking web, and mount her in a power schoolgirl pin! Will the evil Spider Becca take over the world?

A lot of good things about this one, let’s start with the best part, Becca’s super powers, which is the ability to takes LeAnn’s strength. It’s a very cool way to turn the tides of the battle, because without it, there was no way Becca could have ever won this. The next great thing about this one is the selling, Becca started out on the losing side, giving us great reactions, but after draining LeAnn of all her power, it’s LeAnn’s turn, who does a great job selling the powerless heroine. And lastly, the outfits, of course, get a mention, mainly for Becca’s as hers was really awesome, I love the back spider outfit with matching boots and fishnets, just looks awesome. I wish LeAnn had an outfit that as least had a big “s” on it, but, you work with what you got right? And I really can’t complain too much about her being in a bikini. Overall, I love when super powers play a role in the outcome of a match and this was a very unique way of doing it, along with some great selling and nice outfits, this ends up being a really great video.

Overall Score: 9.5/10