Review of Summer K0s Hazel

Review of Summer K0s Hazel – 16 min

Summer and Hazel are having a friendly grappling match that slowly get more and more aggressive. Eventually, Summer locks on some dangerous head scissors that choke Hazel, making her cough and drool, soon passing out. Summer doesn’t care that she’s out, waking her back up a few times just to squeeze her some more. After 2 or 3 KOs Summer is satisfied, leaving Hazel out cold on the mats.

The 1st half of this match is the build up as the girls gradually get more aggressive. Unfortunately, that is just about 10 mins of, in my opinion, nothing happening, as pushing, shoving and trying to sit on top of each other is really boring. Once Summer starts slapping on these tight scissors, things really pick up. Hazel make great reactions as she really looks likes she’s getting the life squeezed out of her, drooling and feebly trying to free herself. The fact that Summer wakes her up for more is great. I would have been pretty upset with just one KO. Overall, I would have been happy with just the last 8 or so minutes of this one. The grappling takes up too much time and the drooling KOs are just too good to have to wait so long to get there.

Overall Score: 7.5/10

Also, I accidentally bought the SD version of this, but the links are to the HD version.