Review of SUMIKO vs THE UNDERGROUND: chapter two

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSUMIKO vs THE UNDERGROUND: chapter two – 24 Mins

SumikoWe fade in on Detective Sumiko as she talks to a colleague about her recent escape from the dreaded Underground Wrestling club she’s been investigating for months now. She hears a noise in her kitchen and hangs up to investigate. A masked man emerges from her pantry. The same man who almost defeated her in the underground mat room. Furious, Sumiko strikes, attacking with face punches, a karate chop, knee strikes to the head, and a camel clutch…but the evil wrestler grabs her thigh and bites down hard. Sumiko screams and tries to crawl away but the masked madman attacks with belly blows and face punches. He removed her robe, revealing a sexy bikini before using the robe’s rope to slowly choke her out!   He carries her over his shoulder, checking her limp body as he proceeds to take her to the living room for a massive one-sided KO beatdown!! In the end, Sumiko is drugged yet again and taken BACK to the Underground Fight Club… leading to a future installment to this ongoing series!

Chapter two of this very interesting and creative story that has provided us with some great Sumiko selling so far, is back. I feel when it comes to Sumiko and vids like this, you guys don’t need me and that’s the only reason this review is so late. Anyway, the story here is still great, as this Machine like character has tracked down the escaped reporter and has come to return her to the wrestling agency. We get a lot of amazing selling from Sumiko, lots of great eyerolling and plenty of tongue protrusion. She really does an outstanding job is this one. After a great one sided destruction, Sumiko is carried off, back to the wrestling agency, where she’ll meet Jessie Belle and I cannot wait to see what happens in that one. This is a video that you should all have already, as Sumiko is one of the best in the business and you should never miss out on a vid like this.

Overall Score: 9.5/10