Review of SUMIKO vs THE UNDERGROUND: chapter three

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSUMIKO vs THE UNDERGROUND: chapter three – 23 Mins

JessieAfter being KO’ed and kidnapped yet again in chapter two, a blind folded and bound Detective Sumiko gets dragged into the underground wrestling mat room by professional wrestler Jessie Belle, whose blank stare and dead gaze tells us that she might not be in her normal state of mind.  We see a black shock collar wrapped around Sumiko’s neck as she is released untied and allowed to see where she is.  It turns out Miss Belle is the lady Sumiko’s been tracking for months now.  She tries to get the wrestler to leave with her but it’s obvious that Jessie’s been brain washed.  The evil madman watching the room unleashes the power of the shock collar, causing Sumiko to groan in pain as she realizes she’s trapped! He then commands Jessie to attack, but Sumiko moves fast, ducking the pro wrestler’s attacks and trapping her in a sleeper hold that knocks her out cold.  A second wave from the shock collar, however, prevents Sumiko from doing much else… all while Jessie starts to come to.  The redhead screams in rage, never uttering a word as she pummels Sumiko with knees to the gut, stomps, punches, a hair-assisted surfboard, and a reverse bearhug KO with post knockout squeezes. We see Sumiko slowly come to and make her way to the door, but it’s locked… and Jessie awaits her master’s command! The next phase of the battle begins, with Sumiko trying to take Jessie down with dropkicks and chops to the neck… all which have zero effect on the adrenalin-fueled fighter.  Jessie attacks with a single hand choke against the wall that renders Sumiko unconscious.  Jessie attacks with a wall splash but Sumiko dodges, following up with a snap mare/running snap mare combo that dazes the powerful wrestler! She finally manages to lay Jessie out with three giant knee strikes to the face and goes for the pin, figuring this would please the evil mastermind watching the match.  The shock collar goes off again, however, right before Sumiko can make the final count. Jessie awakens and continues her torture, attacking Sumiko’s mid-section and even biting her forehead and foot!  She rakes Sumiko’s back and pummels her belly until Sumiko has no choice but to pass out from the onslaught!  Jessie punches Sumiko’s abs even after she’s out, screaming in anger. She continues, waking Sumiko up and applying a brutal head vise that turns Sumiko into a drooling, KO’ed mess. The madman awakens Sumiko with the shock collar after some ragdolling, leading to an extended belly claw from Jessie that puts Sumiko out yet again. The shock collar awakens Sumiko again, and the cycle continues: belly claw KO, shock, and another belly claw knockout! This happens again with a brutal body scissors KO… the shock collar waking Sumiko up only to get KO’ed again! Jessie moves on to a brutal over the shoulder torture rack, with the collar doing its job, torturing Sumiko into consciousness only to have it robbed via pure pain! Sumiko is dropped to the mats, completely out. The mastermind shocks her again, but Sumiko barely reacts.  Her body twitches… but there’s nothing else. Jessie Belle is commanded to carry her away over her shoulder and does as commanded… as we fade to black. Could this be the END for Detective Sumiko??? Only time will tell, folks!

The first thing you take from this and the first thing I have to say about this is, Jessie is freaking scary! The list of people that could have done as good as a job as Jessie did in this role is very short. Not saying a word, just screaming and growling, it quite the performance. So, my hats off to you Jessie Belle, you make an outstanding brain washed, pro wrestling, psychopath. On the other side of things, you could have picked a better person for the captured detective. Sumiko being as good as ever, also nails her role, not only selling the massive beatdown she took, but also trying as hard as she can to beat Jessie and every time she got close, the shock collar stopped her. Which was another great thing about this one. I love the shock collar idea, it served for a lot of great thing, from stopping Sumiko when she was close to beating Jessie, to waking her back up, to making sure she was out for good. The shock collar was a great addition to this very entertaining video. This one marks all the right boxes, great story, great acting and selling, great action, plenty of KOs and even a little twitching and drooling. So even though this one isn’t wildly over the top, or ridiculous, I have been left with no choice but…

Overall Score: 10/10