Review of SUMIKO vs THE UNDERGROUND: chapter one

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSUMIKO vs THE UNDERGROUND: chapter one – 17 Mins

SumikoIn part one of this new series, Sumiko plays a detective who’s been tracking down several girls (one of whom is a close friend of Sumiko’s) who have been kidnapped in her area of operations. She makes her way to a suspect’s house only to get tear gassed and knocked out with a sleeper hold by a man wearing a gas mask! He over the shoulder carries her away and we fade into a mat room with Sumiko unconscious, gagged, and tied up on the ground. She awakens and quickly learns that the criminals behind the kidnappings are running a secret underground wrestling/fight club…pitting the girls against each other AND against several evil employees…all trained in various forms of combat. The camera feed goes live and a masked wrestler appears, waking Sumiko up with a figure four leglock! Sumiko awakens, screaming in pain as the attacker puts more pressure on the lock, eventually leading to a pain KO on the bound female. The masked man unties and ungags her, continuing his punishment for a while. The masked maniac sets Sumiko up for second atomic drop, but she reverses it with a sudden blow to the man’s stomach. She sets up a stunner and nails it, knocking the man out! She turns to the camera man, enraged, and knocks him out with a single POV punch. Everything goes black as Sumiko makes her escape.

This is a great mesh of story and action, I love this set up is quick, but makes it clear what the story is and I’m excited to see where it goes from here. It’s actually an interesting story too. Sumiko’s selling is, as always, amazing, with plenty of her outstanding eyerolling and a good amount of tongue protrusion. I love the shiny bikini and the light bondage mixed with a little wrestling. The action is totally one sided, right up to the very end. The Machine (I’m guessing) puts Sumiko through her paces, till out of nowhere Sumiko nails and stunner and takes out the camera man. Normally, this would be a huge no no for me and still kind of is, but since there is more to this story, I’m willing to let it slide. This is going to be an exciting story, can’t wait to see how Jessie Belle gets involved.

Overall Score: 9/10