Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSUMIKO vs THE INVISIBLE 2 – 27 mins

SumikoSumiko is lost in her yoga routine…unaware that an invisible fiend is ready to attack! What transpires here is a brutal beatdown that Sumiko sells like NO OTHER. We watch through the monster’s eyes as it approaches and takes complete control of the lovely Sumiko, destroying her on the mats and leaving her out cold after a final brutal set of knockouts. We’re serious, folks: you will BELIEVE there’s something else in that room after witnessing Sumiko’s masterful selling…and one hell of an SKWPPV release!

Remember when Sumiko did the first one of these, it was crazy and we all loved it. Well she’s back for another one, but this one changes things up. This one is a lot slower paced and focuses more on overkill attacks, a little ragdolling and just Sumiko laid out cold. There’s also no commentary this time, which makes you have to guess what Sumiko is going through. I think that’s nice, as people will imagine their own slightly different Sumiko destructions. Sumiko, being as incredible as she is, absolutely kills it and put on quite an amazing show for us. I don’t think there really is anyone else that could pull this off quite as well as her. Normally, I would say that if you liked previous one, you will like this one, but in this case, this one is different enough that that isn’t the case. If you like a slowed down overkill, with some room for your own fantasies and an outstanding performance from Sumiko, then you will love this one. I think it’s fantastic and even if I didn’t quite sell you on it here, it’s worth taking the risk and checking it out. I mean it is Sumiko after all.

Overall Score: 9.9/10