Review of Sleeperkid’s World SUBMISSIONS vs KNOCKOUTS – 14 Mins

GIAWe start off with Gia challenging Sumiko to a supposedly friendly submissions match, a challenge that Sumiko happily accepts. The two ladies lock up and Sumiko goes for an atomic drop, but Gia shifts her weight and it lands COMPLETELY across the side of Sumiko’s knee!   Sumiko screams in pain, clutching at her injured leg as the smiling Gia presses her advantage. She proceeds to dominate Sumiko with brutal submissions, including an ankle lock, figure four leglock, Texas Cloverleaf, a knee breaker across the thigh, an Indian Deathlock, a side Deathlock, and a brutal baby swing that finally takes some pressure off Sumiko’s injured leg! Gia grabs a handful of Sumiko’s hair, but the angry wrestler replies with a sudden low blow that stuns the Italian grappler!   Limping but determined, Sumiko manages to make it over to Gia and traps her in a sleeper hold that slowly knocks Gia out!   Injured and enraged, Sumiko slowly recovers some of her strength and decides to fight back…matching Gia’s submission attacks with her very own knockout tactics! Satisfied, Sumiko limps away, leaving Gia out cold on the SKW mats!

This video does a great job covering something I always wanted to see. I think the lasting injury idea adds interesting element to a match. Sumiko does an awesome job making sure she always sells her injured leg through that match. Although she still pulls off some great moves, which might not have been possible with her leg injured. I’ve seen other productions try to do a vid like that and they often forget to sell the injury shortly into the vid. So, it was really nice to see the injured leg stick around and have an effect on Sumiko’s movement. I would like to see another one were her injury keeps her from being able to successfully finish her opponent, eventually leading to her demise. All the normal aspect of this video is great, as expected. Sumiko sells perfect, as always and once she’s in control, Gia does a great job as well. We get plenty of KOs once Sumiko is in control and of course I love the one pieces boots and knee pads. I think this lasting injury idea has a lot of possibilities and I hope to see someone take advance it someday.

Overall score: 9/10