Review of Stunt Woman Tryouts

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsStunt Woman Tryouts – 15 mins

This video opens on a marker board announcing “Stunt Woman Tryouts Today!” as LeAnn and Becca enter the scene. Both are confident that they’ll get the job. A fight quickly breaks out and the two beauties go back and forth, hurting each other with kicks, knees, and punches. They each take a brutal amount of punishment, until Becca manages to take control. She hits LeAnn over the back with the marker board, knocking her out. The blond then removes her boots and LeAnn’s boots and wakes the groggy beauty up to tell her that the audition isn’t over yet! Becca smashes LeAnn’s head into the ring apron and the ring post then tosses her into the ring for a major beating. Trapped in the corner, LeAnn can’t fight back as Becca destroys her face and belly with punches. Becca also gets LeAnn into a very compromising position as she stands outside the ring and pulls HARD on the girl’s legs, smashing LeAnn’s crotch into the ring post! After a sound beating, Becca brings the marker board into the ring and forces a humiliated LeAnn to write “Position filled by Becca”. Then, a well placed uppercut knocks out LeAnn for the final time with her butt in the air, acting as the perfect holder for the marker board!

I am always talking about how much I love Becca as a jobber, but the amazingly talented girl can’t lose every time. This time, Becca gets to be in complete control for most of the match. After Becca and LeAnn trade punches and kicks outside the ring, Becca gets the upper hand, using the white board as a weapon. After that KO, LeAnn is totally out of it and can’t do anything to stop Becca’s attacks. Of course Becca takes total advantage of this just doing whatever she can think of to dominate and humiliate LeAnn. Near the end, Becca tries to get LeAnn to write on the board, but LeAnn is so out of it that even with Becca’s help, you can’t tell what she wrote, thank goodness Becca told us what she was trying to make her write. The final KO leaves LeAnn is the perfect, fan favorite, KO position to hold up the sign for everyone to see. Overall, this is a really great clip, sexy outfits, great selling as LeAnn is dazed and confused for most of the match and Becca playing the badass heel, really has too much fun dominating poor LeAnn.

Overall Score: 9.5/10