This is a custom idea that i really liked, Helena totally dominates Devon through multiple rounds of wrestling, but, here’s the good part, Helena loses each and every round. Devon gets KO’d and tortured through the whole round every time but some how finds a way to pull off a stunner Knocking Helena out cold give Devon the pin and the round win. The beating Devon gets each round does start to take its toll. After a few rounds Devon can barely get to Helena for the pin. The Stunners also take their toll on Helena too as in the end Helena is at Devon’s mercy as she finishes Helena off with another stunner and a final pin.

This is just a great idea, I love it. Total domination from Helena, but she still loses. It works out really well too. Helena uses everything against Devon even the wooden wet floor sign. Even Devon says at one point that Helena could have pinned her a number of times but decided not to. Both girls sell good, although i favor Helena in this one. I like Devon playing with Helena after she’s out and posing her body. I love both the outfits, the girls look great. Overall I think this custom idea is the best part of this. I really want the see this done again today. This was a really good one to watch.

Overall Score: 8/10


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