Review of Strongest Abs vs Strongest Legs

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsStrongest Abs vs Strongest Legs – 16 Mins

LeAnnWe join LeAnn in the studio where she’s doing crunches. Alex enters laughing, saying that her abs are much stronger than LeAnn’s! A belly punching challenge is made and the girls end up against the wall trading punches. It’s obvious that LeAnn has the weaker belly and ends up on her knees in pain. Alex then places her rival in a reverse head scissors where she plants more punches into the tanned beauty’s belly causing LeAnn to get knocked out. When LeAnn wakes up she tells Alex that although Alex beat her in the abs area, she knows she’s got stronger legs than Alex. Alex happily allows LeAnn to place her in a head scissors, but quickly regrets it as LeAnn renders her unconscious! When Alex wakes up she challenges Leann to an all-out wrestling match with the winner being the first to get a knockout or submission. The bikini clad wrestlers square off and go at it in a match filled with body scissors, belly punching, a stomach claw, a figure four leglock, a leg nelson, and a kimura lock. The women refuse to submit and the intensity builds. But it’s soon obvious that Alex is getting weaker and that’s when Leann pounces with a standing head scissor followed by a TIGHT reverse figure four head scissors that soon knocks Alex out. But LeAnn doesn’t stop there. She wakes Alex up, makes her admit her defeat and kiss LeAnn’s more powerful legs! The end comes when LeAnn drags Alex over to the couch and knocks her out again with another super tight head scissors and plenty of victory poses.

Here’s a pretty fun clips and I really like how this one ended. The setup is great, although I didn’t really enjoy the belly punching part, it was however a necessity for the overall story. We had to know that Alex did have stronger abs and was looking to bully and beatdown LeAnn. So, like it or not, it was totally needed for the story, which I loved. It was really fun to watch as the girls battled back and forth and soon LeAnn takes a clear lead. Once LeAnn is in control she made sure that Alex learned her lesson. So, there’s a couple of good KOs along the way, LeAnn has one, and Alex goes out three times. Both girls did some great selling, I really like Alex’s reactions most, she looked great as she slowly faded away and LeAnn, who always looks amazing, took a little extra time to pose over her fallen foe, which is always great to see. Overall, the story is great and well done, the girls are super sexy and did an awesome job playing off each other. I’m really happy that LeAnn won, because Alex thought she was tough, but got wrecked. I just love when something like that happens.

Overall Score: 9/10