Review of Street Fight: Becca vs Peyton

Review of Street Fight: Becca vs Peyton – 15.5 mins

Becca is once again nose to nose with her opponent, this time its Payton glaring back at Becca. This one it going toe be a fist fight. A shove breaks up the stare down and the fist and feet start flying. Both girls have a good amount of time on the receiving end of a beating. The battle even spills out of the ring for a while. Near the end Becca is just about to be taken down, but still has a little fight in her, she gives it her all to fight back and soon has Payton on dream street. A few more punches and Payton is ready to be put to sleep, Becca tells her just before the final punch, “You’re tough, but not tough enough,” than lays her out. Than Becca take about 2 mins pose over her fallen foe, before head off to the back.

There’s nothing that can fill the space that a good fist fight does for me. This is one of the few type of matches where I only expect one KO, with lot of exhaustion and that’s what you get here. Becca and Payton both have good chunks of time in control, really wearing down the other. In the end the are both really tired. When Becca was finishing off Payton, I love how out of it she looked and a great series of final punches. Than, I love all time Becca took to pose over Payton, it just great to watch her posing over an out cold Payton. The last thing I love is the clothing, jeans and sneakers are something I don’t see enough and still having the stomachs exposed makes these outfits awesome. Overall, great selling, action, clothing and ending. A great fist fight video.

OVerall Score: 9/10