Review of Strangledd and Fondled

Review of Kayla ObeyStrangledd and Fondled – 9 mins

Kayla is standing in the middle of her house, minding her own, when a man comes in and wraps his hands around her throat. She struggles, but he lifts her off her feet by her neck till she passes out. Once she’s out, he lays her on the ground, ties her hands behind her back and caresses her body for a while, before leaving the sleepy beauty.

There is something I just love about simple videos that are done right. I think Kayla and her boyfriend have mastered the formula. Again, they have taken a very simple idea and made it awesome. In this, Kayla really gets picked up by her neck, we get this see a full body shot as her feet come off the ground and she dangles from his hands. You just done see something like that very often. Overall, it’s simple, it’s sexy and it’s perfect.

Overall score: 8.5/10