Review of Stella vs Tracy – Are you going to stop this shit?

Review of Defeated Stella vs Tracy – Are you going to stop this shit? – 38 Mins

DEFEATEDStella gets woke up by some bricklayer on Tracy’s roof. She gets really pissed off from all the noise. Stella calls Tracy to have a talk, but when she comes down and Stella asks her to have the men stop making all that noise, Tracy insults Stella, which doesn’t sit well. Stella attacks Tracy! It’s a one sided domination here! Hot newcomer Tracy gets cruelly destroyed on the wrestling mats and ragdolled AND TRAMPLED by Stella!! Stella KOs her many times, and she ragdolls and destroy her while she’s KO’d too, so each time Tracy woke up she’s more destroyed and weak! She can’t defend herself in anyway during the match, she’s totally in Stella’s hands! Stella starts to punch her in the stomach, knocking here out, then cruelly destroy her back so she’ll move less. She undresses Tracy and after a while of destruction she’s done! A perfect moment for more ragdolling!!

More Defeated action and another great one here too, but I have to start by saying, I am literally dying to see Stella on the receiving end of a beatdown very similar to this one. I got a little teaser in the 3v1 squash, and she is really great here, dishing it out, but I’m telling you, she is going to be freaking phenomenal when we get to see her ragdolled…. Anyway, I digress, let’s talk about this video, because it is great and we get to see the debut of a new talent at Defeated, Tracy, who gets the daylights, literally beaten out of her by a pissed off Stella. There is really construction work being done near where they are film, so they decided to make a storyline out of it. Stella gets mad about the noise, Tracy comes down and basically says, what are you going to do about it and Stella beats the crap out of her. We get a couple of good KOs along the way, each KO has a little dead to the world ragdolling, where Tracy doesn’t make as sound or anything, she’s ALL the way out. The nighties come off a little past half way and the beating continues in bra and panties. The final KO comes with about 10 mins left and Stella again just ragdolls Tracy through a couple of submissions, then literally walks on her back for her victory pose. A great way to top off some total dominance. I like Tracy’s struggling when she’s conscious and her dead to the world ragdolling was awesome.

Overall Score: 9/10

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