Review of Staying In & Going Out: with Asia Perez

Review of Velvets’ FantasiesStaying In & Going Out: with Asia Perez – 23 mins

We fade in on Sleeperkid introducing yet another new audition for Velvets’ Fantasies. This time, we have the lovely Asia Perez hoping to make the cut, with SK explaining that not only does she get to show off her KO skills for Miss Velvets, but that Velvets herself is watching via a live feed. An enthused Asia starts off with a chloroform KO, but within seconds of SK wrapping the cloth around her mouth and nose, she realizes that the chloro is 100% real. Struggle as she might, the beautiful Asia fades away as SK smirks from behind. He rag dolls her a bit and even cradle carries her before she comes to. She naturally seems hesitant to stay for the rest of the audition, but after SK tells her about a special cash incentive, the beautiful model decides a few KOs is worth it! What follows is a series of amazingly delivered and performed KOs, including some over the shoulder/cradle carries, stripping, rag dolling and more, all climaxing with a forced sleepy mask struggle, and a final and voluntary self chloro KO, performed as an act of loyalty to the beautiful Miss Velvets!

Another new face from fetcon 2015 and another beauty doing a tryout to become a part of the Velvets roster. Asia is tall, skinny and looks incredibly awesome as she’s KO’d, carried and laid out in many different positions. She has really beautiful and big eyes, but doesn’t seem to be able roll, be she does cross them quite well. Most of the KO technics we normally see in this series are here, my favorites are the chloro mask and the self chloro at the end. Of course there is plenty of high quality limp play while Asia is out. Overall, Asia is another great addition to this awesome series, brought to us by fetcon, hopefully we’ll get to see her again soon.

Overall Score: 9.5/10