Review of Staying In And Going Out with: Avery

Review of Staying In And Going Out with: Avery – 22 mins

Avery is meeting with SK to try out for Velvets Fantasies. SK explains to Avery that they’re going to film some staged KO. Avery is really excited for the opportunity to work for Velvets and doesn’t resits as SK puts a chloro rag across her face. She was told it was water, but Suddenly realizes its real chloro. Avery panics, but its too late as the chloro takes her out. What follows is a series of KOs, ragdolling, carries, and humiliation as Avery still begs for Velvets’ approval, only to take a final karate chop knockout. SK picks Avery up one last time and lays her across the table. NO way Miss Velvets can turn her down now.

I can’t remember how much I liked Avery when I first saw this clip, but I know that I love her now and I have no doubt that this video helped. Avery plays the perfect sweet and innocent girl, just trying to find some work. I love that she’s out cold for the majority of the video, being carried, dragged, stripped to her bra and panties and just played with. Even after she realizes that she’s being ko’d for real, she still begs for the job. I’m a fan of this series and Avery’s is still a favorite. Overall, the selling here is minimal, because she’s out cold most of the time but nonetheless she did great for the KOs, a great amount of limp play and Avery laid out on the table was a great way to bring this one to an end.

Overall score: 9/10