Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSTAR-GIRL vs SUPER-KID – 14.5 mins

We fade in on Sleeperkid as he sifts through some important paperwork only to get interrupted by a lovely young girl claiming to be Star Girl, a superheroine who tells the Kid that she’s the one responsible for flagging all of SKW YouTube clips and getting them removed! “I did it because you’re wrestling is very crude and vulgar, it needs to be taken DOWN.” she say ”And now it’s time to take you down as well.” As SK rises the young girl throws a powerful punch that connects with his jaw and just like that she has suddenly transformed from civilian to STAR GIRL! SK is out cold as the heroine kicks his legs to make sure he’s down. With a smirk she turns to walk away, only to freeze when she hears SK sit up as if nothing had happened. “What the hell?” She says, her face a mask of confusion. “You don’t know who I am, do you?” the Kid says and with a flash he turns into everyone’s favorite Bizarro villain: SUPER-KID!! “That’s IMPOSSIBLE!” Star Girl yells, and runs to deliver a punch to his jaw, one that bounces off like flesh on steel. As she groans in pain, SK returns this favor with his very own roundhouse punch to the jaw, spinning her into frame. The once powerful Star Girl stands there, eyes rolling, before plummeting to the mats, out cold. What follows is SK’s revenge, as he proceeds to KO the young heroine repeatedly, using such tactics as: Camel clutch/sleeper KO, Super Breath KO, chokeout/necksnap KO, bearhug KO, sleeper hold KO, piledriver KO, karate chop to neck KO, multiple belly blows/solar plexus KO, final neck pinch extended KO, leading to an over the shoulder carry that SK uses as a method of humiliation and, well, transportation.

This is an older vid that has a really fun story idea. If you remember back in the day when SK tried to use YouTube for video trailers and haters would flag them down for nudity. Well, Addie, who’d added boots and a cape to a bikini, and thinks she’s a superheroine, taking credit for bringing all those vids down, has messed with the wrong man. It’s a very funny idea and great reason for SK to pull out his fancy Super-Kid suit and kick Addie’s butt. If you’ve ever seen Addie in a jobber role before then you know what you’ll be get here, as her performance is easily up to par. Addie gives us good eyerolling and lovely reactions as SK takes his anger on her. Overall, Addie is a veteran jobber and delivers a memorable performance, as she tends to do. The storyline is simple, funny and solid, easily worth a look if you haven’t seen this one yet.

Overall Score: 8.5/10