Review of Stacie Meets Madison

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsStacie Meets Madison – 16 mins

Stacie Snow returns for the purpose of taking on stars, Sasha and Antoinette. However, due to scheduling conflicts, Sasha and Antoinette are unavailable to wrestle. Therefore, Stacie will face FWR’s up-and-coming star, Madison. Not only is Stacie furious over the scheduling conflict, she feels she has been insulted by having to wrestle a “nobody” and is now determined to teach Madison a lesson. The rules are given, first of 5 submissions wins, and Stacie attacks. She works over the stunned Madison with corner work, flips, a clothesline, and a body slam before going to work with her submission moves. The visiting wrestler gains submissions with a body scissors, abdominal stretch, modified hangman, and a figure four leglock. Having gained 4 easy submissions, Stacie makes the mistake of stopping to mock her opponent, giving Madison a chance to recover a little. Our rookie wrestler, sucker punches Stacie in the belly and takes over. After some initial wear down moves, Madison demonstrates her own leg strength with a crushing body scissors that leaves Stacie breathless, weakened and submitting! Four more submissions follow with an abdominal stretch, torture rack, figure four leglock, and a painful final Indian deathlock that has Stacie SCREAMING her submission and admission of defeat! We think that Stacie has learned not to mess with FWR’s newest star, Madison!

This is a win win video for me, because I love seeing both these girls lose. Now, this is a submissions only match, which isn’t my ideal thing, but knowing that in that going in, I didn’t expect any KOs, which helps. So, with Stacie’s over confidence and after she won 4 rounds very easily you just knew she was in trouble. Madison makes the comeback, winning 4 straight rounds. And then the last move is by far the best, as Madison puts Stacie in an amazing Indian Deathlock. It looks really painful and Stacie sells it perfectly, arching her back and screaming when Madison wrenches on her legs.  A perfect example of saving the best for last, that move and reactions definitely stole the show. Overall, both girls put on a great match, it’s always fun to see the over confident girl defeated and that last submission hold is one of the best I’ve seen in quite a while.

Overall Score: 8.5/10