Review of Stacie Meets Antoinette

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsStacie Meets Antoinette – 16 mins

We fade in on Stacie, wearing a warm-up jacket over her skimpy bikini, stretching for her upcoming match when Antoinette attacks her from behind! The tough Latina wrestler hits her with a few punches and chops before throwing her across the ring for a clothesline that sends the visitor flying to the mat. While Stacie is down clutching her throat and kicking the canvas Antoinette tells the audience she is going to make an example of Stacie for coming to her ring at FWR. She then picks the girl back up from the mat by her hair and throws her outside the ring for some working over on the carpet below! Back in the ring, Antoinette totally destroys poor Stacie with body slams, shoulder carries, more clotheslines, several false pins, a boston crab, and two camel clutches, one of which knocks her out! Antoinette constantly gets in Stacie’s face mocking her and taunting her for being so weak. In the end, Stacie endures a piledriver knockout and a DOUBLE tombstone pile driver knockout as Antoinette takes an Undertaker style pin and then covers her vanquished opponent with a sheet for the win.

This is something that I have wanted to see from Antoinette for a little while. Don’t get this one confused, this isn’t one of those queen of the ring matches. Stacie got absolutely destroyed from beginning to end and it was so great to see. I feel like it’s been way too long since we’ve gotten a total squash with Antoinette as the heel. Stacie is prefect in this one, she’s always been a great jobber and this video is the perfect example. Watching her struggle against the powerful Antoinette only to fail, pass out and start twitching is exactly what I wanted to see. Stacie’s twitching even causes her extra punishment, as Antoinette sees her twitching a thinks she hasn’t done a good enough job knocking her out, so she piledrivers her again, before covering her with a sheet. I thought I’d hate the sheet thing, but the sheet is thin and you can still, pretty easily, see Stacie under the sheet. So even though I rather just see Stacie laid out on the mats, in this case, it’s no harm, no foul. Overall, I’m really happy to see Antoinette totally dominating again and also great to see Stacie in a great jobber role.

Overall Score: 9.5/10