Review of Spy Next Door gets Frisked

Review of Kayla’s Eternal DreamSpy Next Door gets Frisked – 15 mins

Kayla is spy, at home, on the phone with someone telling her that her last captive has broken free and is probably heading her way. Kayla feels sure that he won’t be coming there, so when she hangs up she goes about without a care, getting a drink from the fridge. When she comes back into the living room, he’s waiting for her. She jumps back when she sees him, but before she can do anything he KOs her with a punch to the face. He spreads her legs and searches her body, ties her hands and stuffs a shirt in her mouth. Than drags the to the couch.  He plays with her limp limbs for a while till she wakes. She makes a break for the door, but gets her head smashed into it when she stops to open it. He then carries her around for awhile before putting her on the ground for more searching and limp play. She eventually wakes up again, but is choked out right away. Who knows what else he has in store for her.

Another great limp play video from Kayla Obey, this one focuses on two things mainly, having Kayla spread out while being searched and having Kayla KO’d and carried around. Both are done perfectly, without being in on place or position for too long. It’s got a good story set up, only a few KOs, but they are spread out well, breaking up the limp play and carrying scenes. My only complaint is that there are a number of times when Kayla’s face is covered, by her hair or the shirt stuffed in her mouth, always want to be able to see her face. Overall, I really love seeing Kayla spread out and felt up. It’s another job well done from Kayla and her boyfriend.

Overall Score: 8.5/10