Review of Spy Duel. Limp. Catfight

Review of Fetish Cuties Spy Duel. Limp. Catfight – 39 Mins

SPYTwo spies, who serve different governments, hunt the same info. Agent Tia, who is in her tight black leggins and a tank top, has got a part of it already, but she needs the last piece of it. She reached the location where it has to be. But she hears some noise. This is Agent Kira in her sexy tiny black shorts and stockings, who got there earlier is currently searching the place. As long as it concerns the national safety, the agents are ready to fight for it to the last gasp. And this is what they do. The cruel sexy fighting on the bed is ended with the knockout of Agent Tia. She seems so helpless, but so tasty. “We could be friends”, Agent Kira says, checking her limp body. Playing with her, she searches her, looking even under her cloth and touching all the intimate zones. She knows that spy ladies are really ingenious in this sphere. While she’s doing this Agent Tia unexpectedly wakes up and captures Agent Kira’s neck with her strong legs starting strangling her. They fight again for a while. Agent Tia knows that her opponent is too serious and she has to knock her out at any cost, which she finally does, squeezing her strong thighs round her neck until Agent Kira loses her consciousness. “Yeah, we could be friends, if we were not enemies”, Tia says, searching slowly Kira’s hot limp body. Finally, she finds what she was looking for right in the enemy’s panties. Really happy she leaves the room, but this is not the end. Agent Kira is pretty hardy and she’s ready to fight this sexy lady and get what she wants. This time she won’t be so precipitant. She needs to finish off Agent Tia and get all the info.

This is probably the most complex vid that I’ve seen from Fetish Cuties, as most of the ones I grab are pretty simple limp play vids. Sexy spy battles are always fun and this one is no different. We get some back and forth action after a good set up. The girls battle for control and there’s a little catfighting mixed in there, but both girls suffer a KO and a little bit of a body search, than after that Kira takes total control, finding the info she was looking for and taking out her competitor, for good. I love every part of this vid, with the minor thing, which is me wishing Kira lost, solely because I love her eyerolling and crossing. Other than that this vid is amazing, I love the starting part with them taking the gun from each other, the KOs were well done, as the fought to stay conscious, their really sexy outfits are an easy plus and I love the both had sexy heels on too and Kira taking out Tia in the end was also really well done. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I found this amazing production, as they continue to impress with their high quality and really fun videos.

Overall Score: 9.5/10