Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSPY BATTLE: BAMBI vs SUMIKO – 19 mins

Bambi Buttons plays the MASTER ASSASSIN: an agent so lethal she’s been shot up to the top of her company’s food chain. Sumiko plays a trainee so skilled she’s been granted a chance to take Bambi on in a multiple KO/termination VR program for the chance to become the NEW Master Assassin. Here’s the breakdown: Round one: Bambi fends off Sumiko’s punches and kicks and dominates via ankle lock, head butts, belly punishment, uppercut, kicks to the face to a KO, ground punches, floor face kicks, and a final neck snap finisher! Round two: Bambi grabs Sumiko’s punch and crushes her hand…trapping her in an armlock. She follows up with a reverse bearhug but Sumiko nails a reverse headbutt. Shocked, the deadly Bambi reaches for her gun and fires a single shot that floors Sumiko, taking her out instantly. Round three: This time Sumiko traps Bambi’s punch attack and nails a knee to the gut. She follows up with multiple kicks to Bambi’s face. Desperate, Bambi goes for her gun but Sumiko kicks it out of her hand. Bambi crawls for her weapon but Sumiko mounts her and slaps on a sleeper hold. Bambi struggles like crazy but eventually starts to fade, her fingers millimeters away from her gun. Bambi’s eyes roll as she passes out cold. Sumiko sits her up and we get two alternate shots of a finishing neck snap. Round four: Sumiko traps Bambi’s attack again and nails a brutal chop to her throat. She then unleashes a barrage of blows to the body and a chop to Bambi’s neck that leaves her out on her feet. Bambi falls and Sumiko applies a figure four neckscsissors that she turns into a brutal neck snap finisher! Round five: Sumiko opens with a judo flip and another figure four neckscissors but Bambi grabs a knife out of her boot and plunges it into Sumiko’s thigh. She mounts Sumiko’s waist and plunges the knife into her abs several times (no blood)…but Sumiko refuses to fade. Fed up, Bambi sits Sumiko up and performs a textbook neck snap for the win! Round six: Sumiko starts off with a brutal two handed carotid choke but Bambi produces the knife again, stabbing Sumiko in the thigh. Bambi stands up and swipes at Sumiko but Sumiko ducks each attempt. She disarms Bambi with a body punch and uses Bambi’s own knife against her, slashing her throat for the win! Round seven: Bambi opens up with a freezing pressure point jab that paralyzes Sumiko.   She uses her knife, stabbing Sumiko in the abs as she stands frozen, screaming in pain. A stab through the chest and a slow throat slash finish Sumiko off, who fades away while still locked in a standing position. Bambi unfreezes her and smiles as she collapses to the mats. Round eight: Bambi breaks Sumiko’s arm right off the bat, but Sumiko unleashes a punch with her working arm and finds Bambi’s heart! Bambi’s eyes roll up and she collapses face down, body convulsing. Sumiko sits her up and finisher her with a decisive neck snap! Round nine: Bambi traps Sumiko with a garrote choke but Sumiko attacks with her own double handed choke! Bambi is the first to let go and crumples to the mats. Sumiko grabs the wire and wraps it around Bambi’s throat, choking the agent out and enjoying every second. After she’s out, Sumiko reports to the POV boss watching the battle, not noticing Bambi coming to and creeping up behind her. Bambi pulls out her gun but Sumiko ducks and throws a nearby blade right into Bambi’s chest, finishing her off for good! Sumiko goes for a final victory pose and drags the former Master Assassin off the mats as we fade to black!

A slight change of pace here for SKW, it’s not often we get a video from them that focuses on finishers of the permanent kind, but of course, in true SKW fashion, it’s awesome. I’m really happy to see the rounds not go simply back and forth to a tie breaking ending, doing that removes some of the predictably. It’s great for eyerolling, which both Sumiko and Bambi are amazing at, and we get lots of it. We also get some really intense twitching, mostly from Bambi, as it is easy to call her “deaths”, over dramatic, or as I call it, perfect. Sumiko’s selling was great too, it’s Sumiko, of course she killed it, no pun intended. The outfits here have me a little bit split, not Sumiko’s, hers is awesome, but Bambi’s covers a little too much in my opinion and it was kind of loose too. In that same breath, she did look like a badass, so, I guess it’ll do. Overall, this change of pace is nice, gives us something a little different to see the girls act out for us. It’s always nice to see SKW and crew trying out new things.

Overall score: 9.5/10