Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSPY BATTLE: AMYZON vs HEATHER WEST – 33 mins

We fade in on Agent Heather West breaking her way into her rival Amyzon’s lair in order to steal some files. This could easily be called a HUGE MISTAKE as the powerful Amzyon traps Heather in a sleeper from behind, relishing each second until the blonde beauty is unconscious. She carries heather over her shoulder and takes her to her training room only to begin torturing her rival with lots of chokes and smothers, before finishing her off with a brutal handsmother KO.

This is a pretty nice change of pace for SKW, we have the giant Amyzon, squashing poor Heather West, but this isn’t a wresting beatdown, this one focuses on chokes and smothers. Amyzon does as she pleases to restrict Heather’s airways. Heather is great to watch as she tries everything to get free, but Amyzon is just too much for her. Heather’s eyes roll and cross as she struggles, but most of the time Amyzon lets her go just before she passes out. We do get a few full KOs, but not too many. Heather starts out in her full body, spy gear, only to have it swapped out for a bikini later in the vid. So, both body suit fans and bikini fans get a turn in this one. In the end, Amyzon handcuffs her briefly for more choking, only to be freed and choked out one last time. Overall, I love Heather’s selling, really showing us some great panicking and fear, as well as great expressions as Amyzon makes her pay for trying to steal from her.

Overall Score: 8/10