Review of Split Personality – Season 3 / Side Mission

Review of Next Global CrisisSplit Personality – Season 3 / Side Mission 3 – 11 Mins

NGC 1A routine investigation leads Erica Lynn to ‘Qaran Casus’. He decides to punish her for the intrusion, an idea she laughs off — until he seizes control of her body and mind! After a beat-down she cannot crawl away from, will she end up his willing slave?

Another great vid here from Next Global Crisis. We have another heroine, overconfident due to numerous meaningless missions. Erica is complaining about that as she walks up the stairs to an assumed noise complaint. She’s caught off guard as the boastful Qaran tries brainwash her. She tries to fight back, but the mind control makes her defenseless. It’s not often that I’ve seen powers, besides strength, used against a heroine, I really like how it used here. Just when Qaran thinks he’s got a new slave, Erica is able to clone herself and attack Qaran from behind. The clone only having half the strength of Erica, is immune to the mind control, but is easy to deal with physically. The clone takes off running, knowing she’s in a fight she can’t win. Qaran chases, but comes back quickly, knowing which Erica he wants. I love the situation that super powers can make and NGC is the best at making these excellent stories. Erica’s brainwashing is completed as her clone can do nothing be listen from just outside. Or at least that’s how I took it. Maybe Erica can exchange with her clones and it was the real Erica that walks away in the end? Again this is the perfect blend of story and action, all performed excellently.

Overall Score: 9/10