Review of Special Agent Training

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsSpecial Agent Training – 22 Mins

AgentThree beautiful agents are called together for their final stage of training. Hidden in the seam of one of their leotards is a special computer chip and their objective is to find that chip and return it to become a full agent. This leads to a lengthy session of knockouts featuring all three women! The leotards end up being the focus of this battle as each girl is stripped to her pantyhose, bras, and panties! You’ll see plenty of excellent eye rolling knockouts and sexy body piles as the girls use punches, slams, wrestling maneuvers, catfighting, scissor holds, chloroform, and silly actions to battle for the leotards. One beauty finally manages to knock her two foes out for good to gain her special agent certificate!

What a great idea for making a clip chock full of KOs. These amazing girls quickly get stripped of their leotards and then use whatever they can think of to KO each other. All the KOs are pretty silly, which FWR does so well and they keep turning their backs on their sleeping opponents, making it really easy for one of them to wake up and take control. It’s a ton of fun watching as the KOs go round and around with no one being able to find the chip for the win. Eventually, after plenty of really fun and creative KOs, Becca just takes all 3 leotards to her boss, hoping that would be enough for the promotion. Being the huge Becca fan that I am, I do kind of wish Becca was one of the losers, but she got her share of KOs and it was really great fun to watch. If you like those sentry style vid from SKW where a bunch of girls use a bunch of weapons to KO each other for a promised promotion, then you’ll love this one with the FWR girls and FWR flavor.

Overall score: 9/10