Review of SPARROW meets THE KID

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSPARROW meets THE KID – 13 mins

We fade in on agent SK as he records a special message telling his fellow agents to be wary of the deadly agent Sparrow, who’s currently trying to track and battle him. Cue the sudden low blow sneak attack from Sparrow that drops SK to his knees. A sudden stunner knocks the kid out, and a follow-up sleeper hold puts his lights out yet again. Sparrow stops to tell the camera how happy she is with her “victory”, not noticing SK’s recovery. He lands a brutal low blow, followed by a tight sleeper that sends Agent Sparrow to La La Land. He ragdolls her a bit, making sure she’s out and then proceeds to take the vengeance he feels he deserves. What follows is yet another mixed beat down from SKW that’s sure to thrill the genre’s fans. In the end it takes TWO brutal neck snaps to finish Agent Sparrow off but not before SK’s taken the rival agent down and out piece by lovely piece!

Sparrow is one hell of a jobber, but I got to say, she’s has some really great cockiness and an awesome evil smile. I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I think I’d like to see her win once. Her cocky side was really cool to see even though she was beating SK. But things quickly go back to normal as SK takes all the cockiness out of her and Sparrow gets destroyed. Sparrow does awesome job selling this one. She twitches a lot and ever drools from a dragon sleeper. I love her eye crossing too and she looks great in this pink bikini. We get plenty of Kos, from a piledriver, dragon sleeper and even Mr. Socko makes an appearance. Overall, this is one of the shorter vids from this update, but is no way lackluster. Mixed wrestling squash fans, this one is made for you.

Overkill score: 9.5/10