Review of Sparring Partners

Review of Sumiko DreamsSparring Partners – 27.5 mins

We fade in on Sumiko stretching as she prepares to spar with you. Takes a minute for Sumiko notice you standing there, but when she does, she’s happy to see you and gloves up, telling you not to take it easy on her. You start sparring and Sumiko is taking a lot of swings, but nothing can touch you.  A combination of punches from you has Sumiko reeling, an uppercut knocks her out. Then you caress the vulnerable beauty while she is sleeping. Sumiko regains her bearings, but is soon knocked out again, this time by a cheap shot while she is on her knees. Once again you take the opportunity to play the face of and fondle the helpless fighter. The gloves come off, but the results are the same as the weakened Sumiko endures another KO. A paralyzing nerve pinch puts her down for another session of abuse. Finally, you even resort to spiking poor Sumiko’s water for one more KO.

What a great POV this is, Sumiko plays it perfect, which is a surprised to no one at this point. It’s a simple video idea, executed to perfection. She tries so hard to get some punches in, but with no success.  She never loses her confidence though, no matter how many times she gets KO’d, she only gets mad about you cheating and swears to get you next time. You’ve got to love the amazing selling of Sumiko. Her punch reactions and punch drunkenness is spot on.  I love whenever she goes out, you great close up of her sleeping body, as you play with her face, check her eyes and feel her all over. I love how easy Sumiko gets KO’d and the dirty tactics you use to take her out. Overall, great boxing knockout action, sold to perfection, as always, by the amazing Sumiko.

Overall Score: 9.5/10