Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldSOFA SENTRIES – 20 mins

We fade in on Agents Alisa Kiss and Merry Meow, in her 1st SKW appearance, as SK tells them they’re both up for a huge promotion within the SKW Spy Agency. In order to decide who gets it, both agents have to display their stealth and sneak-attack skills in a special VR simulation.  The ladies go back and forth, each one taking the other one out with multiple KOs until a final surprise decision leads to a celebration and a double sleeping gas KO.

The 1st great thing about this vid is these really awesome outfits, both Alisa and Merry look great in these suits. Next best this is the selling, Alisa being a well-known excellent seller, does great as always and the brand new Merry, not only sells great, but also seem really conformable in front of the camera already. This vids got plenty of KOs and all the top tier KO toys and tricks, you know, the fan favs, chloro, sleepy spay, punch outs, etc. and each girl gets a turn to perform them on the other, all leading to a nice double KO for the cherry on top. Overall, this is a great first impression for Merry, it’s always nice to see a SKW vid out of the mat room, sometimes and totally worth buying even just to get some great shots of Alisa and Merry in these awesome shiny new suits.

Overall Score: 9/10