Review of Snooki Barefoot vs Invisible Boxer

Review of Feet and SleepSnooki Barefoot vs Invisible Boxer – 11.5 mins

Snooki hears the bell, but after a moment she doesn’t see her opponent. Suddenly she is hit by an invisible boxer, her eyes roll back and she ends out on the floor. Once she’s out her opponent appears, plays with her limp body till she start to stir, then he disappears again. Once she’s back up, he knocks her out again. This happens a lot of times and before passing out she sees little birdies or stars.

This is definitely as silly limp play vid. She magically gets knocked silly by her invisible opponent, give us lots of eyerolling and we see stars spinning around her head before she passes out. I love Snooki’s selling, she can do some really great eyerolling and her reactions to the invisible punches are also great. Her opponent shows up to give us a close look at her feet, while she sleeps and to check her eyes, which are full white, just about every time. Both are exceptional in my opinion. Snooki is covered with tattoos, which I’m ok with, even though it’s a little over board. I know some people can’t stand when a girl covered in tats, so that could be a turn off for some. Overall, this is a silly boxing limp play vid with an emphasis on feet. I’m pretty happy with Snooki and her selling, although I can understand why so might not like her look.

Overall Score: 8.5/10