Review of Snooki Barefoot Magic Spell Knockouts

Review of Feet and SleepSnooki Barefoot Magic Spell Knockouts – 10.5 mins

Model Snooki is here for a shoot. After taking a drink she faints. The photographer puts a little duck on her belly and says a magic spell. Everything that happens to the duck now happens to Snooki. The duck is hit on the head or punched, which causes Snooki to pass out as if she was hit on the head. While asleep, the photographer plays with her limp body and feet and takes some pictures.

This is the exact same script as the last Feet and Sleep vid I covered, but this girl is covered in tats and has a really great look. She does a really great job in this as well. The whole voodoo duck thing is still a great idea and is presented well. Snooki does get to walk away in the end, unlike the other one, which was minor disappointment, but not big deal. Overall, good script, good selling, great looking girl, makes this another very good clip.

Overall Score: 8.5/10