Review of Sneak Attack the Sentry

Review of Spectrum Custom RequestsSneak Attack the Sentry – 8 mins

Hannah Perez is a lone sentry standing guard in various short scenes in which Keri Spectrum overpowers her with an assortment of KO tactics like, punching, head scissors, sleepy spray, HOM smother, sleeper hold, and a massive uppercut. Keri also uses repeated over the shoulder carries or drags Hannah, showing off her limp body once she’s down and out.

This is one of those simple vid that I just love, Hannah is super sexy in her bra and panties as Keri, also super sexy in her bra and panties, sneaks up on her a takes her out. It’s a tired a true video idea that we’ve all come to love. Hannah sells great, weather is her struggling and failing to break free from Keri’s grasp, or Hannah stumbling about, punch drunk just before passing out. All of it is fun to see and is done convincingly done by Hannah. There are a few shots that are done in another room, that isn’t as well lit, but you can still see Hannah’s selling her KOs. Overall, this is a good sentry vid, a little on shot side, but plenty of good KOs.

Overall Score: 8.5/10