Review of Smother Game

Review of Fetish CutiesSmother Game – 26 Mins

KiraIs there anybody who loves playing with young schoolgirls whom you can tie up and smother from time to time until they lose their consciousness? Our hero is such a guy. He adores when the girls struggle for air, when their face becomes red, their eyes roll and they become absolutely limp and soft, so he can caress them without any permission. This time he catches a young skinny schoolgirl, bounds her and decides to make the game more interesting: he gives the girl a minute to solve a pretty simple task. Even the elementary student is able to do it. But, the girl is informed that if she doesn’t solve it she’ll be smothered, lol. Panic, fear, anger and the timer in front of her eyes make her his forever toy for smother and limp fun. What makes the game even more fun is the creativity with the ways of knocking the girl out – she looks amazing when she loses the control of her body.

Been quite a while since I’ve reviewed some Fetish Cuties videos. This one has a cool idea for a different kind of knockouts vid. Kira is captured and tied to a chair, then her capture forces her to try and answer a math problem, in a certain amount to of time. It ends up being like a KO torture kind of thing, which I really loved. Kira goes from refusing to even try to answer, to franticly trying to figure out the answer, but the masked guy keep talking to her and not letting her concentrate, not that she could figure it out, with the clock ticking, a masked kidnapper breathing down her neck and worrying about being KO’s again, too just trying to make up and answer and hoping it’s right. We get good number of KOs because each time she doesn’t answer or gets it wrong he KOs her and each KO we get a great look of Kira’s eye’s crossing before she passes out. Also a good amount of different ways to knock her out, my favorite being him stuffing a cloth in her mouth, a clothes pin on her nose and just watches as she passes out again. It’s a very cool vid, done really well and totally worth checking out.

Overall Score: 9/10