Review of Smashed by Sassi

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsSmashed by Sassi – 10 Mins

BeccaThe beautiful Becca is up against the powerful Sassi, Becca feels confident in the fact that she is ready to take on Sassi. The ladies lock up in the middle that quickly ends in a stalemate, but Becca suddenly reaches out and lands a solid slap to the face of Sassi. This only infuriates Sassi who immediately bursts into a rage fueled attack. Quickly overwhelming Becca and taking complete control of the match. Becca is helpless as she is dominated by punches and knees in the corner, body slams, a boston crab, haymaker punches to the face, leg drops, clotheslines, one of the most intense and painful camel clutches we’ve ever seen, neck breakers, and two tombstone piledrivers that finally bring the brutal beatdown to an end. Sassi takes her time with her pin and victory poses, then leaves the beautiful blond to think about who she slaps in the face next time.

It Becca squash time again and I’m pretty sure I say this every time we get a Becca squash, I never get tired of these. Becca is a fan favorite and these are the kind of videos that made her so popular. She’s absolutely outstanding in defeat and always gives us a great show. My favorite part of this one is just before the end, Becca is just about out cold, but Sassi picks her back up for two piledrivers knocking Becca out cold and then we get a nice look at Becca sleeping on the mats. Of course, I got to add bikini and boots on Becca are always a plus. Also, Sassi looks great, I like the she’s very muscular but not really big. So, overall, it’s a Becca squash, it’s great, go get it.

Overall score: 9.5/10